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Convocation Tea Ale
Lupine IPA
Rout Brown Ale
O'Phelan Irish Ale
Murder of Cranberries Stout
German Alt
Wheat Ale
Destruction Wheat Wine


India Pale Ale  5.8% ABV 60 IBU

Our IPA is very balanced and easy on the palate. The first sip presents a full-bodied dance across your tongue. The floral notes are released in unison with a clean, hoppy mouth feel. Six different hops, including an edgy dry hop, give our beer personality. With so many IPA’s out there, we feel that this one is unique from the rest but don’t take our word for it…

Status: Taproom – Available in Growlers/Distribution/16 oz. Cans


Brown Ale  5.8% ABV 31 IBU

This brown is our response to requests for a full-bodied beer that is still easy drinking from start to finish. It is rich in flavor and not too sweet. Every sip holds a clean, refreshing conclusion.  The toasted caramel malts gives this beer its rich color, flavors, and old world ale feel.

Status: Taproom – Available in Growlers/Distribution/16 oz. Cans

Murder of Cranberries

Oatmeal Stout  5.8% ABV 32 IBU

We find that our stout is not exclusively for the dark beer drinkers. Subtle coffee and chocolate notes balance pleasantly with cranberries, giving the beer a somewhat tart finish. This beer holds both rich flavors and body.

Status: Taproom – Available in Growlers/Distribution/16 oz. Cans


Hell Hounds

Helles  5.8% ABV 18 IBU

We set out with this Helles with the intent on creating a “Go-To” summer beer. We wanted a crisp and refreshing closer for those long, hot summer days. What we achieved is a beer demanded year-round!  This thirst-quenching lager emits enough traces of citrus aroma to peak your interest. It begins with a very light mouth feel that finishes with hints of honey and subtle citrus notes.

Status: Taproom – Available in Growlers/Distribution/16 oz. Cans


Collective Buzz

Honey Lager  6.3% ABV 33 IBU

This is a brilliant light lager that is designed to quench your thirst. A collaboration with local businesses to help support the bee population. A portion of the proceeds will go to saving the bees. Very easy drinking with a hint of honey. Come “Get Buzzed” with us!

Status: Out

Smokey Pale Ale

Smokey Pale Ale 5.4% ABV 42 IBU

An all-around great “patio, put your feet up” Pale Ale.  It begins with a mild, pine and herbal aroma; then it swims across your tongue with a slight note of sweetness, finishing with a subtle smoky, dry finish.  You will never want to set this beer down!

Status: Out


Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale  5.2% ABV 22 IBU

This is a refreshing Belgian influenced blonde ale, slightly fruity and very refreshing. Perfect for the a Spring rainy day or a hot Summer.

Status: Out


Red IPA  7.0% ABV 68 IBU

This is smooth red ale with a malty body and the bite of an IPA. This is a must try.

Status: Out


Frosty’s Magic Elixir


Black IPA  6.2% ABV 43 IBU

Our Black IPA was created as a Collaboration wiht our Friends at Old Chicago! It is an easy drinking IPA that has been perfectly matched with the right amount of roasted malts that gives it it’s dark color!

Status: Taproom – Available in Growlers/Distribution


Tommy Logger

Black Lager  5.0% ABV 22 IBU

You will be tantalized by the aromatic hint of roastiness. That slight roastiness will continue as you take your first sip, then it will pleasantly finish with a touch of nuttiness…

 Status: Out


Russian Imperial Stout  9.5% ABV 47 IBU

This is no “Sheep” in Wolves clothing. This Russian Imperial Stout has an amazing earthy hop aroma. Very smooth feel with a touch of hoppiness and a slightly tart finish. Perfect for a Viking warrior about to go into battle, or for your average beer drinker who just likes good beer!

 Status: Out


Three Bandits

Coffee Porter  5.5% ABV 28 IBU

The Three Bandits is brewed with freshly roasted coffee beans. Nice aroma of coffee with a crisp beer finish. A coffee and beer lovers dream.

Status: ON TAP


Wheat Ale

Wheat  5.1% ABV 13 IBU

Our Wheat Ale is a medium bodied beer, light in color with heavy banana and clove notes.  It finishes with a slight sweetness and fruity after taste!

 Status: OUT



Irish Ale  6.3% ABV 38 IBU

You will feel the luck of the Irish after drinking this smooth, full-bodied, clean-tasting beer. It has a rich copper color with a sweet, inviting, and mild roasted malt flavor. This is a beer that will get you in the spirit to break out your dancing shoes and bust into a jig.

 Status: Out of Season



Convocation Tea Ale

Convocation Tea Ale  6.7% ABV 25 IBU

We wanted to pay homage to the American Spirit with this American Amber Ale. By infusing this ale with a special blend of black tea, we celebrate our fore fathers who boycotted British taxation. The tea introduces refreshing notes of strawberry, maple, and citrus.  Malts from five separate countries were used to develop this beer’s unique spirit.  This summer brew will delight your palate and appeal to your patriotism.

Status: Out


Oat on a Limb

Winter Ale  6.0% ABV 26 IBU

Since many of our fellow Americans are threatening to move to Canada due to the recent elections, we decided to go a little further “out on a limb” for our winter ale. As a result of a heavily oat influenced malt bill enhanced with oak, this beer has a hearty mouth feel. The oak brings this beer to life with its lingering presence!

Status: Out


Kilted Maple

Scottish Maple  9.4% ABV 33 IBU

As you begin to take your first sip you will immediately notice this beer’s rich caramel aroma. It has a beautiful deep copper color and layers of flavor balancing perfectly its malty base and locally sourced maple finish. At 9.4% ABV, this could be the beer that lifts your kilt!

 Status: Out


Double Tea Ale  9.8% ABV 27 IBU

Quest no further, we have the shrubbery your Knights Ni’d! The refined black tea infused double ale brings forward a whimsical blending of malty depth and tart sweetness. But this brew is no harmless little rabbit at 9.8% ABV! So fire up your coconuts and gallop to where you can find this Holy Grail!

 Status: Out

Light Ale

Light Ale  5.4% ABV 38 IBU

This light ale is a perfect beer for those who have yet to venture into the craft side of brewing.  It has a beautiful golden hue paired with a sweet aroma.  The flavor is both refreshing and crisp.  You will catch only fleeting hints of tartness, giving the beer an incredibly clean finish!

 Status: Out


Oktoberfest  6.8% ABV 34 IBU

This traditional German Lager has a crisp yet smooth finish. Its malt forward character pairs well with its semi-sweet, tangy attributes, leaving you with a very easy drinking fall beer.

 Status: Out


Wheat Wine  9.1% ABV 30 IBU

A smooth full bodied wheat wine that has hints of clove and oak aromas and flavors.  Each sip brings the warmth of this 9.1% ABV beer that is gripping.  Double mash and half the output makes this beer a labor of love and you will be loving it too.

 Status: Taproom/Limited Purchase/750 ml bottles Available,

Also barrel aged in a J. Carver Rye whisky barrel in 750 ml bottles (limited qty).


Chocolate Cayenne Stout  6.1% ABV 30 IBU

This unique chocolate cayenne stout has a remarkable burnt roasty nose. This version has been aging in a wine barrel which adds another level of depth and refinement. Slight hints of oak, lightly sweet yet very smooth finish with a touch of lingering heat.

 Status: Out


Wet Hop IPA  6.1% ABV 70 IBU

WHOADA (Wet Hop Of A Duck’s A..) was made with Five different hop varieties give it character, and an additional dry hop balances the aromatics and flavor for from our Lupine IPA. Then we added Minnesota grown hops into the mix. Nugget, Cascade, as well as few others steeped into the beer to give the fresh aromas and flavors for the hop lovers.

Status: Out/Fall Seasonal


Chai Tea/Vanilla Porter  6.0% ABV 25 IBU

A very unique but distinct flavor brings this beer to life.  It adds a aromatic spiciness and rich black tea blend to this vanilla porter. The combinations provides a well balanced porter with taste of chai tea.

 Status: Out

Red Herring

Session Ale  5.0% ABV 24 IBU

As it is an election year, we came up with our own “Red Herring.” But don’t worry; there are no empty promises with this one! This single malt and single hop brew leaves nowhere to hide. From the first sip, you will be tantalized with subtle caramel notes, complimented by its sweet yet tart finish. The presence of hops makes the ale incredibly crisp and drinkable. This beautiful red session is both easy on the eyes and palate!

Status: Out

Patch of Joes

Coffee Pumpkin  5.6% ABV 28 IBU

Nice coffee flavor with a hint of pumpkin make this porter a delightful beer.

 Status: Out


German Alt  6.3% ABV 31 IBU

This German inspired Alt has a mildly bitter finish as a result of the unique yeast and lower fermentation temperatures.  It has a dry feel but still malty and a wonderful spicy hint of hops for your nose.  This is a really easy drinking beer, it has a crisp finish and can be enjoyed all year long.

 Status: Out

In A Pinch

Pepper IPA  7.0% ABV 66 IBU

In A Pinch is black pepper IPA for all of you hungry hop heads. Drawn in by the tempting floral and citrus aroma.  The hop presence is balanced with a pleasant pepper finish. We think you are going to need a bigger glass!

 Status: Out


Tommy Tea-Toedlr

Black Lager  5.0% ABV 22 IBU

Asst Brewer Tom challenged us to create a black lager…so we obliged…and even named it after him! You will be tantalized by the slight roastiness with a hint of black cherry will continue as you take your first sip, then it will pleasantly finish with a touch of nuttiness…just like Tom!

Status: Out

  Common gRind

California Common 5.3% ABV 30 IBU

This is a refreshing light bodied beer. It has a soft malt background of caramel biscuit and honey notes. A mild aroma of earthy hops with a dry, crisp, citrus finish.

Status: Out



IPA  6.1% ABV 68 IBU

The bitter hops and the rye provides you with a clean hoppy mouth feel. With the rye you will get a clean finish to bring a smile to face.

 Status: Out